Exterminate Pests in Tomato Plants with Vegetable Pesticides from Banana Skins

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Tomatoes area unit a vital husbandry goods in Dutch East Indies that has high value and supports food accessibility. Tomato fruit contains several substances helpful to the physical body like axerophthol, vitamin C, and minerals so tomato plants area unit significantly in demand by the general public.

Exterminate Pests in Tomato Plants with Vegetable Pesticides from Banana Skins
Exterminate Pests in Tomato Plants with Vegetable Pesticides from Banana Skins

However, the supply of tomatoes is reduced because of numerous disturbances to the tomato plants each from pests or plant pathogens. Usually, farmers use pesticides to eradicate these pests. the employment of artificial pesticides in agriculture is generally done to regulate pests and diseases well-tried to be in no time, sensible and effective. However, it’s troublesome to degrade naturally so it pollutes the atmosphere.

To minimize environmental pollution, natural pesticides area unit created that utilize bioactive compounds from plants or plants. Biology study program students at FMIPA UNY, particularly Muhson Isroni, Angela Enggar Paskariani and Fauzi Fandy Setiawan have conducted analysis on banana peels to be used as natural pesticides.

The head of the analysis team, Muhson Isroni, aforementioned that tomato plants area unit typically attacked by ralstonia solanacearum, that causes microorganism wilt. “The leaves can wither in an exceedingly short time with the colour remains inexperienced also as healthy plants, however has lost its state. this may be overcome with pesticides, even higher with natural-based ones, “he explained.

According to Muhson, plant-based pesticides area unit materials that area unit simply perishable within the atmosphere so that they aren’t disturbed concerning inflicting damage and facet effects on the atmosphere.

Meanwhile, Angela Enggar Paskariani supplemental that one among the plants that may be used as plant-based pesticides is skin. “Banana peels contain heaps of flavonoids and saponins,” Angela aforementioned.

It was aforementioned Angela, all now the skin was simply wasted. “Therefore, we have a tendency to use it to be a natural chemical. Flavonoids can type complicated compounds with animate thing supermolecule and dissolved so it will injury the microorganism cytomembrane and followed by the discharge of living thing compounds, “he explained.

Meanwhile, Fauzi Fandy Setiawan aforementioned the analysis distributed by the biological science Laboratory of the college of arithmetic and Natural Sciences UNY took the topic of skin extract analysis from Ambon banana varieties, Kepok bananas and Raja bananas.

Fauzi aforementioned that the fabric used was pure culture of Ralstonia solanacearum, ambon skin waste, kepok and raja, seventieth alcohol, aquades, NA, NB fuel, umbrella paper, plastic wrape, tin foil, disk paper, medium kings B. proteinase organic compound No.3 20 gr, K2HPO4 1.5 g / l, MgS04.7H20 1.5 g / l, Agar 15 g, glycerin fifteen millilitre. Aquades 1, Chloroform, H2So4, carboxylic acid, ethanol, HCL, Mg powder, FeCl3 1%, NaCl.

“The analysis procedures begin from phytochemical compound testing, extract creating, media creating, microorganism culture rejuvenation, repressing testing, analysis and information testing,” Fauzi aforementioned.

This analysis won the upper Education fund within the 2018 Student creativeness Program in analysis. (*)

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